Fans Concerned After Kodak Black FALLS ASLEEP On Instagram Live!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Fans are worried for Kodak Black after the rapper fell asleep while livestreaming on Instagram.

In the clip, Yak is seen holding a lighter and a cup and appears to be nodding off. His eyes are seen opening and shutting as he tries to fight the sleep.

Fans are comparing the incident to the time rapper Famous Dex fell asleep on Live some years back. Yak’s fans are blaming the incident on drugs.

“N-ggas should’ve been concerned when he said “I knew the perc was fake but I still ate it” but now N-ggas shocked,” one viewer wrote.

Another wrote, “Proof money doesn’t buy happiness. If it did, he would be happy living sober.”

Another wrote, “So sad bro he’s dying in front of our eyes. And we can’t do anything. @bradfordcohen I’ll never stop @‘ing you please get him help.”

“Hope he learn to stop taking shit from dealers that don’t know if they are good quality,” one fan added.

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