Fans BLAST Tiny For Asking Followers to Donate to GoFundMe For Bodyguard Sentenced for Protecting Trey Songz!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Tameka “Tiny” Harris hopped on social media to urge her fans to donate to a GoFundMe set up for a bodyguard who who arrested and sentenced to jail in Dubai after allegedly protecting Trey Songz from a crazed fan.

“We are asking for your help … $60k is what we are trying to raise to bring Champ back to the states,” she writes in the post. “This situation is unfortunate and he does not deserve to be treated any kind of way for doing his job. He is a family man and loving father who deserves to be with his loved ones. To donate the link is posted on my stories . Thank you bring champ home.”

Fans are confused about why Tony is asking her fans instead of donating the money herself or asking her rich friends.

“t’s disrespectful to flex Rolls Royce’s and million Dollar watches and then ask us for 60k 😒” a follower wrote in the comments.

“So between her, tip and trigga they couldn’t give 20k each” another wrote.

Is Tiny wrong for asking for donations?

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