Fake Drake Offers To Fight Real Drake For $1M!!

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Fake Drake Izzy said he wants to step into the ring with real Drake for $1 million.

“I’m challenging Drake to a boxing match. I just signed with Celebrity Boxing. If you win, I’ll change my name from Izzy Drake just to Izzy, you know,” he said on We In Miami.

He added, “If I win, I need a million dollars, and I need to be signed to OVO cause I’m just trying to feed my family.”

Fake Drake has made a career out of trying to look like Drake and get into clubs for free. There’s no way Drake is accepting the deal.

On the No Jumper podcast, he said “People DM me like, ‘Hey, you wanna come to my event because I can’t pay Drake—he’s too expensive. I’ll pay you $5,000.’ $5,000 just to show up. They pay my Airbnb, they pay the flight, they hook it all up.” he said.

Is it time for Izzy to get a real job?

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