EXPLOSIVE: Tiger Woods Accused Of Having RELATIONS w/ MEN … Black Twitter Goes NUTS!

Lyndon Abioye |

Tiger Woods is known for his exploits both on and off the golf course. The greatest golfer ever has been involved in some pretty scandalous affairs – with women.

Now a young man, who claims to be related to Tigers longtime caddy is spilling alleged tea, Media Take Out has learned. According to the man, Tiger has allegedly also been involved in intimate relations with men.

The tea was spilled by a popular Instagram blogger named Yellow Duck, who interviews college kids.

During one interview, he spoke with a young man who claimed to be the nephew of Tiger’s longtime caddy. The man explained, “My uncle was Tiger Woods Caddy for like 15 years.”

“They go everywhere together. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere,” he continued,

“My uncle has told me stories … [Tiger] hooked up with a lot of women. But not only did he hook up with women, he hooked up with dudes.”

Media Take Out has not been able to independently confirm these scandalous accusations. But despite them being completely without evidence, the allegations are spreading like wildfire all across social media.

What ever happened to evidence?

Anywhere, here is the crazy story that’s going viral. Black Twitter is currently in shambles:

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