EXPLOSIVE New Lawsuit: Gay Man Is Claiming TOP Black (Rich) Entertainer GAVE HIM HIV!!!

Iyanna Muhammad |

If you thought the Sean Diddy” Combs lawsuit was explosive …. 2023 is about to end the year with a BIG BANG. Media Take Out learned that a Los Angeles gay man is preparing to file a lawsuit against one of the biggest Black male entertainers in the world.

According to Media Take Out’s sources, the man is claiming to have been s**ually assaulted by the popular, and wealthy Black man …. and she says that he transmitted HIV to him.

The recent outpouring of s** assault lawsuits in recent weeks, is the result of a New York law, the Adult Survivors Act, allowing victims who have been abused to file lawsuits against prominent men whose actions occurred years ago. Typically those lawsuits would be blocked by the statute of limitations. But New York provided a “safe harbor” for victims, which expired on Friday.

California has a similar law, and that law expires in about a month – so Media Take Out has been told to expect dozens of scandalous lawsuits to be filed in coming weeks.

We spoke with a person familiar with the impending lawsuit who explained, “[The rich celebrity man] is negotiating with the victim, and they’re trying to work out a monetary settlement.”

Media Take Out was asked NOT to name the celebrity man, because it could compromise settlement negotiations. But trust us when we say that this man is EXTREMELY wealthy …. extremely FAMOUS …. and EXTREMELY MARRIED!!!

If this lawsuit gets filed, the entire world is going to shut down ….

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