EXPLOSIVE ALLEGATION: Tory Lanez Accused Of Jury Tampering … Was ALONE w/ One Of Jurors!!

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A popular Youtube blogger is making some explosive claims regarding Tory Lanez, the rapper currently on trial for allegedly shooting Meg Thee Stallion.

Tory Lanez

The blogger claims that he went to the court room on Friday to watch Tory’s trial, and when he tried to enter the courthouse – Tory Lanez security blocked him from getting on the elevator with the rapper.

But Tory wasn’t alone in the elevator – the blogger claims. Media Take Out learned that the blogger is claiming that Tory and his security rode the elevator ALONE with one of the jurors.

The blogger describes the potentially tainted juror as “the one who was wearing a body suit.”

Media Take Out confirmed that one of the female jurors WAS wearing a bodysuit on Friday. We also confirmed that the juror was sitting in the exact location that the blogger described.

Media Take Out has also confirmed that, in the STANLEY MOSK COURTHOUSE – where the trial is being held, jurors do not enter and exit through a specific entrance. Jurors walk in the front door, and take the same elevator as everyone else. Here is the Juror instructions describing entering and leaving the courthouse

We were not, unfortunately, able to independently corroborate whether the juror was alone in the elevator with Tory Lanez.

Listen to the alleged tea being spilled here:

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