EXCLUSIVE Update On Marlo Hampton’s Sister … She’s Allegedly HOMELESS!!

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During last season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo took in her nephews after her sister Crystal allegedly began having issues with drugs and mental health. Marlo explained the issues to the NY Post, saying, “my sister has mental issues; she’s bipolar and schizophrenic.”

“My nephew called crying and said, ‘Aunty, can you come get me? The people are coming to take my mom.’ My nephews came to me in April.”

At the time, her sister was arrested for multiple crimes, and was in jail. Unfortunately things don’t seem to be getting better for Marlo’s sister.

On a February hearing this year, a judge found Marlo’s sister incompetent to stand trial and dismissed all of the pending cases against her – including the charge of obstructing or resisting an officer without violence, as well as the two traffic citations.

It’s not clear where Marlo’s sister is living now, but last year she was cited for being in a public park after closing in May of 2022. She provided a Clearwater address for an apartment complex, but it’s unclear if that’s where she was living or if she was homeless, as police suspected.

Marlo gave a little insight about the family and shared that two boys are with her since 2019. Marlo captioned a 2021 post, “I cannot believe that yesterday (April 4th) made three years of us being a live-in family. Michael and William, you came into my life full-time three years ago and changed it for the better. I do not regret a thing! Here’s to three more and a lifetime beyond! We celebrated in style yesterday — back where we spent our first weekend together as a family. Love auntie!”

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