EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna BURST INTO TEARS When Police Arrested Baby Father In Front Of Her!!

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Yesterday police arrested Rihanna’s baby’s father A$AP Rocky – and later raided his home – although it’s not clear yet what they were looking for. 

As it turns, the local police have been working for some time to build a HUGE case against A$AP, and it looks like they may have finally gotten him. And it seems personal.

According to one person close to A$AP Rocky, Rihanna’s baby daddy was NOT given a heads up warning that he was wanted for a crime. The friend explained to Media Take Out, “Police knew they wanted [A$AP] they could have arranged for himself to turn himself in. But instead they ran down on him while he was with [pregnant] Rihanna.”

A$AP was getting off a private jet with Rihanna and her family at a Los Angeles airport. And police surrounded the plane when it landed – causing CHAOS.

The arrest – which Media Take Out confirmed happened in front of Rihanna – was described to us as “traumatic.” And Rihanna was described as “very emotional.”

Media Take Out confirmed that Rihanna was crying uncontrollably as her baby’s father was taken away in handcuffs.

After A$AP was picked up, police used a battering ram to BREAK INTO his home, and sent in drug, fraud, and gang specialists – in hopes of getting evidence of any other crimes.

But even if police don’t find any OTHER crimes that A$AP committed – he faces 20 years over the shooting charges.

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