EXCLUSIVE: Prosecution Offers Plea Deal To Tory Lanez … Lawyers Holding Out For ’Simple Posession’ Charge!!

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The trial of hip hop star Tory Lanez may be ending as soon as today. Media Take Out spoke exclusively with a person close with the rapper who told us that in recent days, the prosecution has offered Tory a SWEETHEART DEAL, which would significantly decrease his criminal responsibility.

Megan Thee Stallion

Tory is on trial in Los Angeles, for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend Meg Thee Stallion. If convicted he faces up to 22 year in prison.

Tory is currently on trial and is facing three felonies – felony negligent discharge of a firearm, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm.

The insider told Media Take Out that prosecutors have offered to DROP the most serious felony – assault with a semiautomatic firearm – if he pleads guilt to the other two felonies.

If Tory accepts the deal – he would face only 3 years in prison, instead of 22 years.

The deal would also allow Tory to claim that the gun went off “accidentally” and avoid the negative stigma of being labeled as the man who purposely shot Megan in the foot.

Tory Lanez

We’re told that Tory and his legal team have not accepted the deal – at least not yet.

The insider explained, “Tory wants them to drop the negligent discharge felony also. He’s willing to take the gun charge, which would probably mean no jail time.”

The prosecution is scrambling to get the case back on track after their star witness – Meg’s best friend Kelsey – upended the case, by taking the stand and calling Meg a liar.

During her testimony over the past few days, Kelsey contradicted almost ALL of Meg’s testimony, and claims that she never saw Tory shoot Megan, even though she was right there when it all happened.

Kelsey also is being accused by Tory’s legal team of being the shooter. Meg’s former bestie has admitted to having gun powder residue on her hands, and she attempted to take the fifth amendment multiple times during her testimony. Kelsey also testified that she felt “pressure” from the prosecutors to lie against Tory, because she learned that he would be arguing that she was the shooter.

What do you think Tory should do – should he take the deal? Or try to get acquitted by the jury?

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