EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj May Have BROKEN UP w/ Her Husband … No Longer Living Together!!

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UPDATE: Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth are together, as of April 10th. They made their first public appearance together in months, that day. It’s not clear whether they were ever separated, or whether the information in this article was inaccurate.

There’s growing speculation in entertainment circles, that Nicki Minaj may have separated from her husband, music executive Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, Media Take Out is hearing.

Nicki has been embattled in a series of bitter lawsuits, filed by a woman who claims that Nicki’s husband s**ually assaulted her when the two were teenagers. Kenneth served 6 years in prison for the alleged assault.

Since the lawsuit, Nicki has taken a beating in the public – by fans who are upset that she would marry a man accused of such a heinous crime. That public shaming, according to one insider has “taken a toll on their marriage.”

And we have some evidence that suggests that the two are no longer living together. According to online records, viewed by Media Take Out, Nicki recently bought a brand new $19.5 million mansion in Hidden Hills California. Records show the award-winning rapper’s famed “Starships” new mansion is located in a guard-gated city in the San Fernando Valley.

Here’s a pic of her new home.

Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth is required to have his current address on file with the California s**ual offender registry, because of his past conviction in New York, Media Take Out confirmed.

We did a bit of digging, and found the home that Kenneth is reporting he lives in and it’s not Nicki’s new mansion. Here is the home that Kenneth is reporting that he lives in. It’s big and beautiful … but it ain’t as FAB as Nicki’s new digs.

And we have more receipts. Nicki Minaj is currently in Trinidad & Tobago celebrating carnival with her friends – and her husband Kenneth is no where to be found.

This is bizarre, because Kenneth would typically ALWAYS travel with Nicki, as he was very protective of her safety.

Fans have been sharing video of Nick Minaj partying in Trinidad for carnival with Zoo nowhere to be found.

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