EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight SPOILERS … Only 2 COUPLES Stayed Together . . . The Rest SPLIT

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Married At First Sight is the most popular reality show on TV these days. And Media Take Out did some digging, to find some spoilers on the current season.

If you don’t want to know how the season ends up – STOP READING NOW.

The fifteenth season of Married at First Sight features couples from San Diego and airs on Lifetime. The five couples are Lindy and Miguel, Krysten and Mitch, Alexis and Justin, Stacia and Nate, and Morgan and Binh. Together, these couples are taking the big leap towards leading the married lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Now let’s take each couple, one by one.

Lindy and Miguel

29-year-old doctor of physical therapy, Lindy and 35-year-old associate medical director Miguel seemed like an obvious match, but it still surprised Miguel that they seemed to mesh well from the start. “There were a few things that surprised me, the foremost being how well Lindy and I got along, pretty much, right off the bat,” Miguel muses.

Well here’s how they turn out – they’re staying together:

Krysten and Mitch

32-year-old sales rep Krysten was inspired to take the big leap into married life because “I love weddings, I love the idea of being married,” she says. “I was engaged four years ago and almost got married and I’ve always wanted to find a good partner since then.” Her match was 41-year-old environmental policy advocate Mitch who says he explored the idea of Married at First Sight because “I had been single for a long time and had lost motivation to try very hard after two years of the pandemic.”

And the result – they decided to stay together at the finale, but afterwards they split up, allegedly.

Alexis and Justin

29-year-old logistics specialist Alexis and 33-year-old digital marketing expert Justin took a reflective approach to their experience. “It was interesting to get an outside professional perspective on comparability and what traits/characteristics would be a good fit for me,” Alexis shares.

Justin agrees, adding, “I was surprised by how much I discovered about myself and how much work I had to do for myself. It’s eye-opening if you’re open-minded.” He admits that their union has had some challenges, but both agree that open-mindedness is crucial. “It is imperative that you protect your heart but also remain open to love through trials and tribulations,” Alexis notes.

They decided to stay together on the finale, but later split up.

Stacy and Nate:

“I thought I was a pretty tough cookie,” 37-year-old accountant Stacia says, but that didn’t stop her from being surprised throughout the Married at First Sight experience with her match, 34-year-old day trader Nate. “I think this experience made me cry more than I have in my entire life and it also made me challenge my views on people and relationships in general. This experience really tested my patience and also made me work together with my husband.”

They’re still together.

Morgan and Binh

27-year-old registered nurse Morgan says, “I had an extremely difficult time dating in San Diego and was at the point in my life where I was ready for a partner and for marriage.” She adds, “I usually date the wrong men at the right time or the right men at the wrong time and I’m ready to have the right man at the right time.”

Could 29-year-old engineer Binh be the one? “The experience was full of such amazing individuals that pushed and motivated me to become a better me,” Binh says. As for the advice he’d give following this experience, Binh shares, “I would just say be open to growing and becoming a better person in every situation whether it’s tough or not.”

They split on the finale, and are not together currently.

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