EXCLUSIVE: Lawrence Fishburne BEAT Montana Fishburne’s Mom … Grew Up In ’Abusive’ Home!

In 2010, actor Laurence Fishburne’s troubled daughter Montana Fishburne shocked the world, when she became an adult film star, as Media Take Out reported.

Now we have some idea on WHAT HAPPENED in Montana’s childhood – that caused her life to take such a dramatic turn for the worse. Media Take Out confirmed that Lawrence recently opened up and described how he abused Montana’s mother – in a marriage that the actor claims was “volatile.”

Montana Fishburne was born on September 7, 1991. Her mother is Hajna O. Moss, Laurence Fishburne’s first wife, who was married to the Matrix star in the mid-1980s.

Montana described her childhood as “traditionally unconventional,” in a 2010 interview with Reuters. “I’ve had divorced parents since I was 2, and my dad was a really famous actor, so it was as conventional as it could be. We had the best of the best: private schools, traveling all over the world.”

But during Montana’s parent’s relationship, their marriage was anything but happy. Lawrence – on Janelle’ Hill’s podcast – explained that he abused his first wife, Hajna.

He told Janelle, “I had been physical with my first wife.” He explained, “I got married when I was 23 years old, and my first wife was 21, and our relationship was very volatile.”

“And I was physically abusive with my first wife, I regret. and to my shame,” the actor continued. Lawrence claims that he found a therapist and worked with him for 4 or 5 years, to fix his abusive tendencies.

Lawrence did not go into how the abuse may have impacted his wife, or his young daughter Montana.


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