EXCLUSIVE: Joseline WON Fight Against Amber On College Hill … Smashed Amber Rose Head Through Window!!

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On the current episode of College Hill on BET, Amber Rose and Joseline Hernandez got into a pretty big fight. And BET is refusing to air the full video of the violent encounter.

In the show, Joseline calls out Amber for allegedly “wanting to be White.” Amber, enraged by the comments, walked over to Joseline and started swinging. That’s when the cameras cut off.

Here’s the full video of the fight, as aired on BET.

So what happened during the fight. Fans who watched the show believe that since Amber got the first punch in, that she won.

But Media Take Out spoke to two separate celebrity cast members, who were there – and they explained that while Amber may have gotten in the first hit … it was Joseline who won the fight, and in pretty brutal fashion.

One cast member told Media Take Out that after the first hit, Joseline took over, and smashed Amber’s head through a glass window in the classroom.

The cast members explained, “Joseline grabbed Amber and flung her back, and then started banging her head on the glass window. It broke.”

We’re told that producers and cast members suspected that Amber may have been seriously injured, and she was quickly whisked off, where she was put in an ambulance and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

So why didn’t BET show the full fight footage, which would have been explosive.

Another cast member told Media Take Out, “It was a serious issue. They thought Amber would sue. So they agreed to fire Joseline from the show and bring Amber back. They also agreed not to air the footage or for anyone on the cast to talk about it.”

The two cast members spoke to Media Take Out on the condition of anonymity.

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