EXCLUSIVE: Future Child Support Payments Are $750 Per Child Per Week. . . For 10 Kids That’s $30K/Month!!

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Rapper Future currently has 10 children, from 9 different women. And according to new legal documents, which Media Take Out has reviewed, the rapper pays approximately $30,000 a month in child support – for all 10 of his children.

According to our best estimates, Future is currently paying $750 per week, per child. Or $30,000 a month in child support. That’s a huge sum to pay out.

But $3,000 a month doesn’t quite seem like enough for the women who are raising the millionaire’s children.

Future’s baby momma Brittni Mealy recently took the rapper to court to have her monthly child support payments increased from $750 a week, to $1500 or more.

According to court documents obtained by Media Take Out, Brittni petitioned the court in September for an increase in child support payments but the case is still pending.

The doc states “there has been a substantial change in the respondent’s income and a change in the needs of the minor child. Accordingly the petitioner seeks an upward modification of her monthly child support.”

The legal documents also say that Future isn’t spending time with the child, therefore Brittni “bears the burden of additional expenses.”

Additionally Brittni says Future was ordered to maintain medical and dental insurance for their son but has “willfully failed and refused to maintain dental insurance.” As a result, Brittni says she has been paying for the child’s dental insurance.

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