EXCLUSIVE 90- Day Fiance: The Other Way SPOILER Tea … Oussama DUMPS Debbie, She’s ‘Embarrassed’!!

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The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way introduced a new May-December romance between Debbie, a 67-year-old American woman, and Osama, a 24-year-old man from Morocco.

From the start, the couple’s relationship was extremely rocky, Media Take Out has confirmed. First off, Debbie’s son Julien made it clear that he was not on board with his mom’s new relationship.

And while at first glance the couple looked happy, there was evidence of emotional abuse in the relationship. For example, on last night’s episode Oussama repeatedly called Debbie “crazy.”

During one back and forth, Debbie told her potential new husband, “You said that I would come here and you would love me and take care of me and you would prove it, and now it’s like, ‘Oh, shut up, Debbie, I don’t want to, talk to the hand,.”

After Oussama asked her if she is “crazy,” he continued, “We’ll not do everything in one day. You are sick. You have like mental sickness or something.”

Oussama’s entire family was expecting Debbie to bring him to the U.S. — and they were thrown through a loop, when she told Oussama that she intended to move to Morocco permanently, meaning he would not be getting immigration status from their marriage.

When Debbie further asked him what comes next for them as a couple, Oussama made it clear that his plan is to move to the United States, and if that does not come to fruition, then their relationship is over.

So what happens next? Well Media Take Out did a bit of asking around, and we’re told that Debbie and Oussama are no longer together. One of Debbie’s family members reached out and confirmed that she and her Moroccan Casanova decided to part ways.

The insider refused to tell us whether the split was because Debbie refused to get Oussama his immigration papers, or what.

Debbie did give us a hint on her Instagram, that she’s embarrassed by what happened. Look:

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