Evidence From Jonathan Majors TRIAL … Brutal Pics & Text Messages! (He’s COOKED)

Tiffany Brockworth |

The judge just released evidence from Jonathan Majors trial, and it’s pretty damning. As Media take Out has been reporting, Jonathan Majors has been charged with brutally beating his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabarri.

Now we have photos of the aftermath of the alleged attack. Here’s what Grace looked like after an altercation with her muscle bound ex. Her ear looks like it was nearly ripped off!!

And here are the text messages, from another alleged violent encounter. In the messages, Jonathan appears to be encouraging Grace to lie to doctors, and say she bumped her head.

Jonathan also tries to guilt his ex, saying that he feel so ba d- after allegedly brutalizing her – that he plans to off himself.

Here’s Jonathan explaining how she needs to be more like Coretta Scott King or Michelle Obama:

And here’s video of him allegedly brutalizing her, then running off like a coward:

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