Evelyn Lozada Would NEVER Date Stephen A. Smith

Lyndon Abioye |

Evelyn Lozada sat down for an interview with Jason Lee, where she discussed her love life.

Jason Lee was trying to see who Evelyn would be open to dating, but when he mentioned the sports commentator, she shut it down.

“Oh no. I would never date Stephen A. You wanna know why? I’m gonna tell you. And I’m gonna keep it a buck right here, Jason,” she said after the podcast host showed her a picture.

She continued, “When the sh-t happened between Chad [Johnson] and I, he was talking so much sh-t. He was one of the main people that made me feel this small. And because of what I was going through, I just felt like…It was hard for me. You know how we talked about feeling revictimized? He was one of the main people that talked sh-t about my situation with Chad. He was very negative and it was difficult.”

Evelyn filed for divorce from former Miami Dolphin’s receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, in 2012, ending their 41-day marriage afterhe allegedly head-butted the VH1 reality-TV star.

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