ESPN Host Malika Andrews Goes Viral … For Reportedly Trying To Tear Down Innocent Black Men On National TV!!

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ESPN host Malika Andrews is going viral today, and thousands of people are calling for her to be fired from her job at ESPN, Media Take Out has learned.

Folks all across Twitter are calling out Malika, for appearing to intentionally target innocent Black men, and twist a narrative to make them appear to be dangerous predators – a tactic typically used by White nationalists.

Malika, who dates White sports reporter David Menamin, has been accused of using harmful anti-Black narratives in the past. But over the past day or so, Malika has clearly ratcheted up her attacks on the men of her race.

It started yesterday when Stephen A Smith was on his top rated show First Take, and he pointed out that the Boston Celtics leaked the report about Ime Udoka having consensual relationships with members of the Celtics staff – and they allowed speculation to grow which not only damaged Ime’s reputation, but the reputation of other Black women on the staff.

Well Malika dressed down Stephen, in a manner that many believe was unprofessional, on his show – telling him to “stop”. Malika suggested that Stephen was somehow “blaming” women. Stephen A Smith had to gather her – on national TV. Watch:

That was pretty bad. But what Malika did, just a few hours later, is causing thousands to call for her to be fired from ESPN.

The Boston Celtics announced that they would be promoting an assistant coach Joe Mazzula to lead the basketball team. Joe is a well respected Black coach, with an unblemished history both personally and professionally as an adult.

But when announcing that Joe was being promoted as the now youngest Black head coach in the NBA, Malika did a very bizarre thing, she brought up his past arrest from his teenage years.

Joe got into a bit of trouble – a fight in a nightclub – when he was 18 years old. Joe is 34 years old now. All charges were dropped, and he paid a small fine for his part in the incident, Media Take Out confirmed.

But yesterday, Malika started off her show, by bringing up Joe’s past arrests – implying that he is still a violent man. Watch:

This report has Malika trending all across Black Twitter – and thousands of people calling for her to be fired.

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