Erika Jayne Calls Dorit Kemsley & Kyle Richards ‘Least Supportive’ Cast Members

Erika Jayne believes Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley have been the least supportive members of the cast to her.

“The people that I were disappointed in the most sometimes were Kyle and Dorit because I said, ‘Guys look. You know me. I’m in front of you. Ask me the questions. Don’t cut me up behind my back,'” she said on WWHL.

It’s no surprise that Erika named Lisa Rinna as the most supportive.

“Lisa Rinna has been the most supportive because I asked her… You really shouldn’t boo and I’ll tell you why: Because she’s telling the truth. But here’s the other thing… I know a lot of people don’t like the truth and that’s okay. But she was the most supportive,” she added.

Erika also welcomed reports that Brandi could return to the show.

“Here’s the thing: Brandi is a truth-teller, whether you like it or not, even though she called me the most overrated housewife the other day, I still love her for it. It’s okay and I’ll tell you why: I’d rather have that than bullsh-t. You don’t have to like everybody in the group but you can respect people for being in your face honest and Brandi does that.”

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