Erika Jayne Alleged Kathy Hilton Called DJ An ‘Old F*cking F*g’

Erika Jayne made a shocking allegation against Kathy Hilton on last night’s RHOBH reunion show.

Erika alleges in Aspen, Kathy called a DJ an “old f-cking f-g.”

“I see Kathy coming from the dance floor, very upset. I say, ‘Kathy, what’s wrong?’ She says, ‘The DJ’s an old f-cking f-g,’ and walked off,” said Erika.

Kathy denied using the slur. She said she was frustrated but that she did not use that word. “I will admit to what I do, but I will not be painted to be this monster that you tried to…” she started.

“Those are your words. That’s what you said to me,” said Erika.

Kathy said she would never use that kind of language, “Nobody else heard that,” to which Erika replied, “No, you said it to me directly.”

Viewers now believe that Erika was the one who leaked the story to the press since she claimed she was the only one who allegedly heard the slur.

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