Erica Mena Says She’s Planning On Leaving The US

Lyndon Abioye |

Weeks after being fired from Love & Hip Hop for using a racial slur, Erica Mena says she’s leaving the country to raise her children.

“Moving out of the US is absolutely the plan for my kids and I. I promise this. And you know I always keep my promises,” she wrote.

The reality star continued, “Using out money to kill babies and children! This country can’t provide free healthcare but the country they are funding to kill babies can. Disgusting!!!”

Fans agreed with Mena in the comments.

“Fun Fact: I just learn the US funds Isreal health care. They get free health care from us but we don’t!!!” one follower wrote.

“Not wrong. America will never be a proper country, it was built on a foundation of savagery and lies,” another added.

Not everyone is trusting her motives.

“This woman never spoke on this stuff til she got cancelled 😂😂😂😂😂,” somebody commented.

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