Erica Mena Says She Worried About Spice’s Kids When She Was In Coma

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In her interview with Carlos King, Erica Mena says she was worried about Spice’s children when Spice was reportedly in a coma.

“In that moment when she mentioned my son I was so f-cking thrown off because just months prior when I found out about her and her situation? You know what was the first thing I thought about? Do you want to guess?” she said.

“Her kids. God forbid something happens to her…her kids. That’s something I think about for my own. So it is so f-cking mean that here’s this woman that’s attacking me for the same things that we [have] in common…” she added.

Erica was fired from the show following backlash after calling Spice a “blue money.”

When it happened, I know that I f-cked up, that day, and when I was filming months and months ago, I was just like I knew this day was coming but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. And that’s OK. What’s not ok is how if this was as bad as the network [made it], as it is, why wasn’t I let go a long time ago.”

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