Erica Mena Dishes On Phone Call With DJ Envy’s Wife After Affair Was Exposed

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Erica Mena is speaking about her time with DJ Envy, years after their affair was exposed to the world. DJ Envy has since apologized to his family publicly, and spent years of counseling to repair his relationship ship.

But Erica is bringing up old news, in a clout chasing attempt to jump on DJ Envy and his family.

According to Erica, she did not know DJ Envy was married while they were together.

“That came out right when I got on Love and Hip Hop, and we had just broken up because the wife found out, which I was totally oblivious to. I knew about the kids, mind you; I have a kid, but I have a baby daddy, and it’s more common where we come from to have kids, but you’re not married; you just got a baby mama,” she told Carlos King.

Mena added, “I knew about the kids, and it was always told to me [she was] his kid’s mother, never wife. And I didn’t get that realization until I got a phone call from the wife.”

Erica claims he never wore his wedding ring around her.

Erica was recently fired after making racial slurs against Spice on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. DJ Envy is currently making headlines after his business partner Cesar Pina was arrested for fraud.

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