Engaged R&B Singer Usher Seen Flirting w/ KIM KARDASHIAN … His Fiance Is Furious!! (Let It BURN)

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R&B singer Usher and the mother of his youngest two children Jenn Goicoechea got engaged earlier this week. But that hasn’t stopped Usher from carrying on, flirting, and possibly cheating with reality starlet Kim Kardashian, according to a new report read by Media Take Out.

According to a new report in Radar Online, Kim Kardashian has been shamelessly flirting with Usher and it’s upsetting his fiance Jenn.

Kim Kardasian, 42, was “flirting all night” with the 44-year-old singer – who has faced allegations of infecting previous parters with herpes. Usher denied those claims.

And there’s more. The report spoke to an “insider” who told them, “[Kim] didn’t even try to hide it when the photographers came around.”

Media Take Out confirms that Kim recently attended two of Usher’s shows at his Las Vegas residency.

Usher went online, after Kim missed his October performance and publicly told Kanye’s ex, and extended “open arms to you whenever you want to come.” Kim took him up on the offer last month, and that’s one the flirting started.

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At one of the shows, the report says that Usher gave Kim a streamy serenade – which got him in hot water with Jenn, sources claimed.

“Usher swears there’s nothing between him and Kim,” said a source.

Another source said, “You can’t blame Jenn for being suspicious. No woman wants to feel she’s competing with Kim Kardashian.”

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