Eminem’s YOUNGEST Daughter Releases Bathing Suit Pics … Twitter Fat Shames Her!

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Eminem’s daughter Alaina Marie Scott, showed off her body in a bathing suit while she shared her thoughts on being fat-shaming by her father’s fans, Media take Out has learned.

Alaina was adopted by Eminem and his ex-wife Kimberly. Her biological mother is the late Dawn Scott, the twin sister of Eminem’s ex-wife. She was raised by the Lose Yourself rapper, and the two still have a great relationship together, Media Take Out has learned.

The Lose Yourself rapper’s daughter she took to Instagram and shared a long post praising plus-size women. She also talks about being fat-shamed by some of her famous father’s fans on social media.

She paired it with a video of herself in a variety of swimwear.

She posted, “Here’s the deal, all bodies are beautiful no matter your body size, shape, abs, no abs, jiggle or no jiggle.

“I’ve never been the skinniest person in the room and my body fluctuates between midsize and plus-size. Every so often people comment mean things on my posts – opinions on other peoples bodies are never anyone’s place, and I let them roll off. Why?

“Because my body looks a lot like your bodies.

“So while I struggle with my own weight, my own personal health and fitness goals, not emotionally eating, wanting my body to look a certain way etc, I want to remind you these few things.”

She then listed a series of affirmations that we should all focus on.

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