Ed Lover Goes Off On Dr. Umar Over Eminem Comments… “What Makes You A Doctor?”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Ed Lover is questioning whether Dr. Umar Johnson is really a doctor after the activist claimed Eminen cannot be a rap G.O.A.T. because of his skin color.

“Where did you get your doctorate? What makes you a doctor? And then, where did you come from and what makes you a authority on Hip-Hop? Now Eminem don’t need Dr. Umar to tell him he’s one of the greatest of all time because we’ve already have said it. Hip-Hop is for everybody. Hip-Hop might’ve been created by Black people, but the love of music, melodies and rhymes have spread all over this world,” he said.

He added: “That’s like saying Pun can’t be one of the greatest of all time because he’s not African American, ’cause he’s Puerto Rican; Fat Joe don’t deserve to be in Hip Hop because he’s not African American. You weren’t there, Dr. Umar, respectively. You were not there.”

Dr. Umar Johnson is a doctor of psychology and this has previously been verified by The National Student Clearinghouse. Here is the certificate.

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