Ebro Reacts To Freddie Gibbs’ Buffalo Beatdown

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Ebro has reacted to Freddie Gibbs’ beatdown by Benny the Butcher affiliates in Buffalo.

“Wait Freddie Gibbs was in Buffalo?” he tweeted. “Ah this changes everything. He still got on stage? Nah …. That’s solid.”

He then tweeted, “Is getting jumped an L or just paying the piper?”

Media Take Out learned that Freddie went to a local barbecue restaurant to eat, and he was confronted by a group of men. The street dudes reportedly beat up Freddie, and stole his chain. According to eye witnesses, the robbers did not brandish a weapon, they just took Freddie’s jewels with their bare hands.

The video of the beatdown then surfaced online.

 Benny recently admitted on Drink Champs that he’s not sure what went wrong.

“It really ain’t nothin’, you know… I don’t get to, like, into, like, rap relationships,” he said. “A lot of times it don’t be real, you feel what I’m sayin’? So it’s like, I guess that n***a put a tweet up or some weird shit and I don’t know why he did that sh-t.”

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