Ebro Defends Diddy’s Shady Business Practices

Tiffany Brockworth |

Ebro Darden is speaking out in defense of Diddy who recently gave his Bad Boy artists their publishing back…decades later.

Many people, including Diddy’s artists, think he gave them back their publishing too late as he’d made all of the money that could be made from them already, making them essentially worthless.

Bad Boy producer Mark Curry recently called Diddy out, asking him for the cash instead.

“The business dealings that Diddy has done are the same business dealings that other record executives and other record labels have done. But because it’s Diddy and he’s part of our community and he makes himself accessible, obviously people are screaming at him to do deals that are more in favor of the artists. Better deals,” said Ebro.

He continued: I’ve always thought that the only reason we do that is because A – he’s Black and B – we know him. But we ain’t yelling at any other executive that we don’t see their face. That have done worse dealings for Black music, literally since the inception of Black music. But I think there’s an expectation because he’s Black and because he’s of the culture, ‘He’s going to do something different.’ And because he didn’t or he is doing now, people got something to say.”

Is he right?

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