Duke Deuce No Longer With Quality Control

Tiffany Brockworth |

Duke Deuce says he’s no longer signed to Atlanta record label, Quality Control…but that it’s still all love.

“I’m no longer QC. And it ain’t no bad blood. I love P and Coach. Them my guys type sh-t. But at the same time though, I ain’t gon’ lie, I feel good to gon’ head and be moving on cause honestly bruh, I’m elevating, and I’m more than just a rapper,” he told Say Cheese.

He continued: “I’m a crunk star. I’m a rock star. Like, I’m a global type of artist. You can’t just put [me] with the trap sh-t. It’s big money over here. I’m excited bruh.”

QC lost one of it’s biggest artists, Offset, who filed a lawsuit against them. Last month, Offset filed to dismiss the 2022 lawsuit with prejudice. The rapper alleged QC continued to claim ownership of his recent solo releases even though he bought back the rights his music in 2021.

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