Druski Disses King Harris… “That N*gga P*ssy”

Lyndon Abioye |

Comedian Druski visited The Breakfast Club where he was asked by the hosts who he’d be more afraid of, Birdman or King Harris.

Druski did not hold back.

“Come one, man. That n-gga p-ssy. King Harris? What we talking about, man? He did pull up on me at the [‘Standin’ on Bihness’] video shoot. We had too much security, though. He tried to do a stare off. The n-gga got out his car and just kinda stood on top of the car. And he ’bout to go right back to that nice-a-s house. He don’t know sh-t about standing on business,” he said.

Earlier this month, King threatened to pull up on Druski for his song “Standin’ On Business.”

The phrase went viral after King got into an altercation with his dad, T.I., on Instagram Live. T.I. put him in a headlock after King repeated the phrase numerous times.

“Druski was saying that all this shit ain’t happening. I’m just being real. I’m about to go pull up on Druski. I gotta go pull up on this n-gga talking how he’s standing on business in Atlanta filming a video,” he said at the time.
“I gotta go tell him we really got a CEO standing on business in Atlanta. That’s just me. I put that sh-t on the map. You hear me?”

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