Drake Reportedly Trying To ‘CANCEL’ Ice Spice’s Career … Because She Refused To Sleep w/ Him!!

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Female rapper Ice Spice is one of the biggest artists in the world. But her career may be over just as it started, according to a new report from DJ Akademiks.

According to the controversial podcaster, who used to call Drake a friend, the Canadian artist is working behind the scenes to undermine Ice Spice’s career – all because she refused to sell with him, Media Take Out has learned.

Akademiks made the explosive claims during one of his podcasts, which was viewed by tens of thousands of people. He claimed that Drake is “on it” when it comes to finding out who are the budding new girls in the world of celebrity and music. And Drake relentlessly tries to sleep with them.

According to the podcaster, “most of the time when you start hearing a new potential female artist’s name behind the scenes, it is because Drake is trying to sleep with her / has slept with her.”

And he gave examples. He continued, “You never heard of Summer Walker until Drake started mentioning her behind the scenes, because he wanted to sleep with her.”

He also added, “No one knew Jorja Smith until Drake started mentioning her”, implying that Drake slept with her.

Now for the tea. Akademiks reported that Drake tried to fly Ice Spice out via private jet. It’s not clear whether Ice Spice agreed to be “flewed out,” but it is clear that she didn’t sleep with him.

And that rejection will have a devastating impact on her career. Akademiks told his audience, that because of her rejection, “she will never get another big hit like Munch because of it”


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