Drake & Meg Thee Stallion FIGHTIN On Twitter … Drake Calls Her ‘Liar’ … Meg GOES BONKERS!!

Drake, the biggest rapper in hip hop, is going viral after he called Meg Thee Stallion a “liar” on his new track . And Media Take Out confirmed that Meg is firing back at the Canadian rapper.

Last night Drake dropped his new album, and it’s filled with bangers. But one track in particular, Circo Loco, is stirring up a lot of controversy.

In the track Drake rapped, “This b**ch lied about getting shot but she still a stallion. She don’t even get the joke but she still smiling.” The bar is a clear shot at Megan who alleges that she was shot by fellow rapper, and Drake’s friend, Tory Lanez.

Tory Lanez

Tory has denied shooting Meg, and the evidence so far does not appear to conclusively support Meg’s side of things. For example, at least one eyewitness disputes Meg’s claim that Tory “shot” her.

And Drake had more fire for Meg in the track. He also rapped, “”Shorty say she graduated, she ain’t learn еnough Play your album track one, okay, I heard enough.” Meg graduated from Texas Southern University last year, and her last album bombed badly and was universally panned for being weak.

Meg took to Twitter last night to fight back against Drake. She called him a “B*tch N***a” and more. Look:

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