Drake Is FINALLY Settling Down … With Keke … His Very FIRST GIRLFRIEND!! (Details)

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Drake – one of the biggest celebrity bachelors in the world – is officially settling down, Media Take Out has learned. And he didn’t wife up some big name celebrity either, or a thick IG model.

No, we’re hearing that Drake has decided to settle down with his lifelong friend – musician Keisha Chante, his first girlfriend.

Keisha grew up in Toronto, and during her teen years she began dating Aubrey, the rapper who eventually became Drake. Keisha was his first girlfriend, and they are rumored to have lost their virginity together.

The two dated during their teen years, and remain close friends – frequently collaborating on musical projects. Drake recently introduced her as his “love” at the OVO fest this past weekend.

Keisha, whose nickname is Keke, even made her way onto one of Drake’s most popular hits, In My Feelings. Yeah, Media Take Out confirmed that she’s the “Keke” that he was talking about in the track.

Here’s Keisha calling herself “Kiki”, and Drake’s close friend Preme calling her by the same name, although he spells it “KeKe”:

In My Feelings is not the first song Drake dedicated to his first love. In 2009, he remixed one of her songs for “Fallen.” He also dedicated “Madonna” from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late to her in 2015. “Keshia, Keshia, do you remember the old us? You just hold it down for your boy until the plaques arrive that’s why I love you,” he raps on “Fallen.”

So what’s going on with them? Well Media Take Out has learned that the two have been getting closer in recent months – and we’re hearing that he couple has “fallen back in love.”

According to one person close to Drake, the lifelong bachelor has already taken steps to renovate his Toronto castle, and his Bel Air mansion . . . to move Keisha in with him.

Congrats to the happy couple.

It’s like all the 2000s OGs are settling down. First Rihanna . .. now Drake.

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