Drake Allegedly Sent French Montana A Cease & Desist Over “Splash Brothers” Verse

Lyndon Abioye |

Rick Ross jumped into Future and Metro Boomin’s beef with Drake, but the Florida rapper explained his reasons to his fans.

Rozay dropped “Champagne Moments,” where he calls Drake a “white boy,” claiming he sent a cease and desist to French Montana.

Drake responded to Rozay’s surgery claims, denying his allegations, but Ross was quick to fire back.

“White boy, you got a Chevy, white boy? I doubt it,” Ross said on line.

“But, anyway, big nose. Boy you had 25 percent body fat with a carved-out six piece. Stop, we know what time it is. Sh-t cost 40 bands. Stop, but tell your momma… tell your old girl she a beautiful lady. I told you that before and I meant that, but you tell your momma, white boy, you stayed out at the park too late and you can’t call her when you get in this sh-t. This sh-t too deep to call your momma, white boy.”

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