Drake & 21 Savage’s New Song TREACHEROUS TWINS . . Is Being Called A ‘Gay Love Song’!! (Lyrics)

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Drake and 21 Savage currently have the biggest hip hop album of the year. The album Her Loss, has a ton of hits on it – including the controversial song Circo Loco, which many say is a Megan Thee Stallion diss track.

Now Media Take Out has learned that another song on the album is drumming up controversy. The song Treacherous Twins, is being called a “gay love song” on Twitter, after fans listened closely to the hip hoppers’ lyrics.

The song is about the ”love” that rappers 21 Savage and Drake share. But the “love” seems to go a lot further than you hear in most rap songs. Folks all across Black Twitter are calling the lyrics, “gay.”

And Media Take Out learned that many gay hip hop fans are adopting the song, as their new anthem.

Here is a sample of the lyrics uttered by 21 Savage:

Who would do the things we do for each other? Nigga, no one (Woah)

Would you die for me?

Would you go at niggas necks like a tie for me?

Do the time for a crime you didn’t do for me?

Or do a crime at a time when it was loose for me?

And here are the lyrics that Drake wrote:

I wanna tell you how I feel when I’m loaded (Oh)

I would lay somethin’ down for you

I would clear a whole town for you

Spray the whole hundred round for you

Twistin’ all my fingers for my dawg

Here are the reactions on Twitter:

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