Dr. Dre’s Attorney Claims Disney Tried to Sign Him For $4M Deal After ‘The Chronic’

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Dr. Dre’s attorney Peter Paterno revealed on the Connection is Magic podcast that Disney tried to sign the rapper after his album The Chronic topped the charts.

“We’d have these music meetings every week with Michael Eisner at Disney, and Michael Eisner came by and he sees the record’s at No. 1 and he goes, ‘I thought you had a relationship with this guy?'” Paterno said.

But Disney was not happy with Dr. Dre’s explicit lyrics or his album artwork.

“He said, ‘How come we don’t have this record?’ I go, ‘Well, Michael, let me just read you some of the lyrics… Muthaf-cka, muthaf-cka. And you know what this is on the cover? That’s a marijuana leaf.’ The deal was $4 million. He goes, ‘We can’t do that!’ I go, ‘That’s why he’s not on the label.'”

Dr. Dre is now a billionaire and he did it all without Disney. Should he have taken the deal?

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