Dougie B Apologizes For Chrisean Rock Video

Tiffany Brockworth |

“Skake It” rapper Dougie B apologized for a video of him putting his arms around Chrisean Rock backstage.

In the video, Chrisean tells him to get off her, seemingly uncomfortable by the close contact. But the public apology was aimed at her baby daddy, Blueface.

“Yo gang I apologize for that I was just saying hi feel me I wasn’t on no funny sh-t or tryna get up on her,” Dougie B posted. “Word. My fault big bro. Keep getting money gang.”

Blueface, who acts like he does not care about Chrisean but lives to provoke her every chance he gets, used his response to try to humiliate her further.

“I’m not trippin off that one is fair game lil bro,” he replied. “now if that was @OfficialAidynAlexxis I would be upset. I f-ck wit multiple bitches at a time but I dont care for multiple bitches at a time… PS she only acted that like that cuz she ain’t know you had status. If you was anybody else bigger she woulda been coo wit it I know this.”

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