Dorit Kemsley Claims Crystal Kung-Minkoff Talks About Her ‘RHOBH’ Besties Behind Their Backs!!

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Dorit Kemsley spoke about her friendship with Crystal Kung-Minkoff and claims that even though she’s very close to several of the Beverly Hills Housewives, she gossips about them all behind their backs.

Crystal was accused of being a liar during the current season…and not for the first time. Although she has not copped to most of the lies, RHOBH producers have used footage to show receipts of her deception.

“Crystal is trying desperately to salvage another year,” said Dorit.

“She’s told me a lot of things. I’m never going to share what she shared in confidence, but it’s very interesting seeing how she’s behaving, especially when she’s aligned with her so-called best friends on the show. And yet she’s had the worst things you could imagine to say about them behind their backs. You know, that combined with seeing her make up these lies, it really shows me the kind of person she is.”

Crystal denied talking about the women behind their backs but during the reunion, it appeared that her castmates did not believe her.

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