Donnell Rawlings ROASTS Corey Holcomb For Calling His Comedy “Mild”

Lyndon Abioye |

Donnell Rawlings went off on Corey Holcomb for calling his “mild” during a show at the Los Angeles Laugh Factory.

The footage went viral and shows Holcomb taking to the stage after Rawlings and calling his act “mild.” 

“Nobody agree? So I’m wrong! I can be wrong!” Holcomb asked the audience.

Rawlings, who was preparing to leave the venue, reacted.

“You saying I’m mild, you saying I didn’t come through the streets or the gutter is straight bullsh-t. Let’s be fair! You say you keep it 100? N-ggas know how I get down, I rip sh-t!” he yelled at Holcomb/

Holcomb confirmed he did call his comedy “mild.”

 “You’re a provocateur, you know how to incite people. Ain’t nothing mild about my sh-t! You calling me a mild comic is totally off. I’m a beast, n-gga! I’m a beast!” he yelled as the audience cheered.

Rawlings claimed he was also defending his friend, Dave Chappelle, as Holcomb has allegedly dissed him in the past.

Viewers claim Rawlings won the exchange. Check it out above.

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