Donald Trump BULLIED Sweden To Release A$AP Rocky . . . Threatened A TRADE WAR

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Former president Donald Trump REALLY wanted rapper A$AP Rocky to be released from prison – and he was willing to tank the US economy over it, Media Take Out has confirmed.

Sweden’s Justice Minister is claiming that Trump threatened a trade war against the European country if they failed to release A$AP Rocky from their custody. The Justice Minister said they received a call from Trump who said that he would impose trade restrictions against Sweden.

A trade war is an economic conflict between countries. This results in both countries imposing trade protectionist policies against one another in the form of trade barriers. These barriers can be imposed in a number of different ways, including but not limited to tariffs, import quotas, domestic subsidies, currency devaluation, and embargos.

The result of a trade war is usually detrimental to both countries economies.

“If you can try and do something like this against Sweden, what will you then try and do to slightly weaker countries that don’t have the European Union behind them?” the Justice Minister said, claiming that Trump used classic bullying tactics to ensure Rocky’s freedom.

Rocky was arrested for assault in Sweden after he and his bodyguards got into an altercation with two men. Rocky and co. said they were being harassed and shared footage to back their claim of self-defense. Rocky was handed down a suspended sentence and released from custody

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