Don Lemon Supports Former Colleague TJ Holmes

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Don Lemon is standing by his friend and former colleague, TJ Holmes, who is under investigation by ABC after his affair with colleague Amy Robach went viral.

“I’ll say this, I know T.J., I worked with T.J. at CNN, so I have nothing but love for him and I hope that he’s OK,” Lemon told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t know about their situation, I’m not privy enough, but I just like to offer people love and support and I hope that they’re OK and hope that they continue to prosper.”

TJ and Amy have been pulled of air temporarily while the network completes their investigation. “I hope so. And I hope that I can see them in person again soon so I can give ’em a hug,” Lemon added.

Meanwhile, the network released a statement: “I want to say that while that relationship is not a violation of company policy, I have really taken the last few days to think about and work through what I think is best for the ABC News organization,” said ABC president Kim Goodwin. “This is something … we’re not going to talk about on this call until there is more to be said. I’m asking that we stop the whispering in the hallways. You know, we can’t operate with gossip, and speculation and rumors. We need to stay focused on the work.”

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