Dolton, Illinois … Outside Of Chicago … Elected A ‘City Girl’ As Mayor And It’s Going BADLY!!!

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Dolton, Illinois is a small mostly Black middle class suburb outside of Chicago. It’s a quaint and safe place where Black people move to escape the hustle and bustle (and violence) of Chicago.

Two years ago the city elected a glamorous young woman, Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who has been labeled by folks in the town a “City Girl” because of the way she dresses, speaks, and her general demeanor.

And ever since Mayor Tiffany has come to office … all kinds of things started happening, mostly bad.

Media Take Out learned that the local news did a full investigation into Mayor Tiffany where they suggested that despite making nearly $300,000 in salary- she has been taking lavish trips and dinners and charging it to the city.

According to the report, Mayor Tiffany had the city pay for her first class trip to Vegas, where she dined at expensive restaurants and stayed at high priced hotels.

Here’s what he news report alleges:

WGN Investigates obtained copies of credit card statements that show village officials spent more than $24,000 at restaurants during a recent 12-month span. Other questionable expenditures include the streaming service Hulu and hotel rooms in Elk Grove Village and Matteson, located less than 20 miles from Dolton. 

Records show officials have paid for flights and hotels on trips to Texas, Alabama and Missouri.

And more:

WGN Investigates also obtained copies of the township’s credit card statements, too. It showed township taxpayers also spent money on the Vegas trip. Charges included more than $8,400 for hotels; $587 at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and $3,741, just on Henyard’s roundtrip flight.

The City Girl Mayor was also investigated a few months ago for appearing to improperly funnel city money into her own charity.

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