Doja Cat’s New BF Accused Of Being ’Racist’ … See Video Of Him Making Fun Of Black Women!

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Doja Cat announced last month that she was dating social media personality J Cyrus, and her fans went crazy. As Media Take Out reported, her fans are VERY upset that Doja Cat chose a man with such a problematic history.

Doja’s long-rumored boyfriend J. Cyrus has been accused of manipulating and emotionally abusing members of his Twitch team and community for years.

And now he’s being accused of making an apparently racist video, where he mocks Black women.

J Cyrus (real name Jeffrey Cyrus), doesn’t have Doja’s name recognition, the creator has spent a long time on the fringes of fame. The Louisiana social media star first grew popular on the video app Vine, reaching 1 million followers with his heavy rotation of comedy characters, freestyle raps, and high-profile collabs with Viners like Gabbie Hanna and Manon Matthews.

He eventually blew up on Twitch – where he made videos trolling people.

One of the videos, which is going viral, is touching a particular nerve in Doja’s Black woman fan base,


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