Doja Cat Responds To People Calling Her “Sick” . . . . For Shaving Her Head And Eyebrows!!

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Last week, female pop star Doja Cat appears to have had a mental breakdown, during which time the biracial singer shaved both her head, and her eyebrows, Media Take Out reported.

And Doja Cat shocked the internet when she decided to shave her hair and eyebrows off.

While many on social media think her actions were hilarious, some are concerned for her safety and wellness.

Doja, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, tried to explain why she shaved her brows and head – unfortunately for her, people still aren’t convinced.

In an effort to defend herself, Doja stated, “I don’t like having hair. I never liked having hair. I cannot tell you one time since the beginning of my life that I’ve ever been like, ‘This is cool.’”

. “This isn’t a cry for help or an issue of any sort. This is just me having no hair. I’m still the same me,” she added with a smile on her face.

The video concluded with Doja thanking her genuine supporters and scolding those who tried to diagnose her. Watch the entire clip below.

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