Dog Bites IShowSpeed’s Face In South Korea!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

YouTube sensation IshowSpeed is going viral after he was bitten in the face by a dog after getting way to close.

IshowSpeed was streaming live from the streets of South Korea her saw a woman holding her pet dog. As he approached the dog, he began to bark, but the streamer continued to get closer, and the dog eventually bit him on the nose.

“Oh f*ck, Oh sh*t. Ah you f*cking bit me! Oh sh*t, he f*cking bit me,” he said in the clip. 

The streamer then noticed he was bleeding before threatening to sue the dog owner.

“I am suing you, I am suing you. I am trolling, I am trolling, I am not. It was my fault. Oh my f*cking god, you are okay, you are okay,” he said.

The streamer took responsibility for getting too close to the dog.

Viewers agreed that IshowSpeed should never have gotten so close to the pet in the first place.

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