DJ tWitch’s Widow SPEAKS For 1st Time Since Death … Getting Dragged On Twitter, Saying She Seems ‘Cold’

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DJ tWitch’s wife, dancer Allison Holker, is speaking out publicly for the first time since her husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss” committed suicide.

While most people on social media are applauding Allison and praying for her, Media Take Out noticed that there is a sizable pool of people who are dragging the grieving widow.

Allison shared several tributes to her late husband on Instagram, and received a number of touching replies to her post on Saturday.

“His light is still so bright. So is yours,” wrote Ellen Degeneres, who urged fans to “do the things” they loved to do to honor Boss in December.

Danica McKellar, former star of “The Wonder Years,” wrote that it warms her heart to hear that Holker will be continuing her life’s purpose and “bringing joy to the world through dance.”

“Just think of the inspiration you’ll bring to others when they see you summon the strength to dance through your pain… and find joy. Sending love to you! ❤️❤️❤️,” McKellar wrote

Here’s Allison’s statement, where she thanked her fans and supporters for sending love to her and her family during this difficult moment:

But, Media Take Out confirmed that Twitter is being flooded with people who are critical of her statement, saying that the widow seemed “cold”, and that her statement seemed “without feeling.”

Here’s a sample of what we’re seeing:

This might seem “harsh” to some, but something about her bothers me. 

I felt no real emotion from this but maybe that’s because she’s just numb.

I didn’t get one drop of genuine emotion from that video. 

There were much more disturbing comments, which Media Take Out located, including ones which discussed harmful conspiracy theories surrounding DJ tWitch’s death.

Allison may want to take a break from social media for a while … at least until all this negativity dies down.

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