DJ Quik: I Get My Swag From Prince

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Quik says he owes Prince for the inspiration behind his swag.

“That’s where I get all my swag from,” DJ Quik said on No Jumper. “I thought he was dope. I pressed my hair out in high school bro and I had length. I used to have a fro but it was unruly you know, because I’m mixed. If I take my braids down, I look like Tracee Ellis Ross for like five minutes. After that, I look like buckwheat.”

No Jumper founder Adam22 caught heat recently after he invited white supremacist Richard Spencer to the show.

“Almost every quote that I’m seeing from you talking about your white identity or whatever is something that sounds eerily familiar to something I’ve heard Black people say in relatively mainstream circles in the last couple of years,” he said. “A large percentage of them didn’t really seem all that shocking to me.”

Many folks decided to boycott the platform.

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