DJ Khaled’s Cousin SLAMS Him Over Palestine Silence

Tiffany Brockworth |

DJ Khaled’s cousin, Fadie Musallet, aka Fadiecakes, is putting his cousin on blast for failing to speak out against the genocide he says is taking place in their home country.

Fadie is the founder of The Giving Family and often volunteers with the Emirates Red Crescent to raise awareness to the victims and people of Palestine. He says Khaled has a responsibility to speak on the war as he is a Palestinian.

Fadie says he wants no part of his cousin until he speaks out.

“We’re not speaking right now because it’s all about Palestine and if you’re not talking about Palestine, get out of my life,” he said.

Khaled was also called out in October by DJ Vlad.

“It’s because both are so thirsty to maintain their relevance that they wouldn’t dare risk insulting a segment of their fanbase,” he tweeted. “Heaven forbid that Drake might debut at #2 behind Taylor Swift because some of his Palestinian fans chose to not stream his album. And it would be the end of the world if Khaled sold a few less sneakers because some Jewish people decided not to buy his Jordans.”

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