DJ Khaled Says No One Can Beat Him On Verzuz

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DJ Khaled says that nobody can take him in a Verzuz battle.

To answer your question, I really don’t see nobody” Khaled he said.

“My catalog is super strong. I’m from Miami so if you expect me to be like … I don’t see nobody, and I mean that with love. My catalog is strong. You might wanna Google it and go check out my catalog, I been doing this shit for two decades! And I been putting hit records out for damn near 15 years! So really think about what you thinking and what you saying because Khaled got hits! A lot of hits.”

He says he would do a Verzuz later on in his career.

“For me, I wouldn’t do a Verzuz right now but if I ever did one, I would want to do it when I decide to not wanna make music no more,” Khaled said. “That’s when I want my catalog to be praised, but right now, I’m just getting started.”

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