DJ Envy’s Wife Recalls Tyrese “Disprectful Texts”

Lyndon Abioye |

After Tyrese’s interview with The Breakfast Club where DJ Envy told him he blocked him over disrespectful texts to his wife…Tyrese denied he crossed the line.

Now Envy’s wife, Gia Casey is responding.

“We stopped talking to Tyrese on two different occasions. He and I became friends and we spoke often. A lot of times you’d be laying in the bed next to me while we spoke and at first everything was cool. But for me, it got to a point where it became inappropriate and uncomfortable. I felt as if lines were being crossed and you felt as if lines were being lines were being crossed and we both decided we were going to take a step back,” said Gia.

Tyrese claimed that anything he did, he did while he was heavily medicated and that the Casey’s should forgive him.

She continued: “There were times I felt like he was extremely demanding of my time and my attention, where if I didn’t give him my time and my attention he would get very angry and let me know what his expectations were of me. At that time, I didn’t feel as though he was going through any mental issues.”

Who is telling the truth?

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